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The Amazing Xi’an Offers to Tourists 2020

Xi’an is probably most famous for the amazing and wondrous Terracotta Army. When visitin the Mausoleum of Qin Shu Huang, tourists are able to walk above the massive pit holding the famous Terracotta Army. The warriors date back to around 221 B.C. This is a mind-blowing once in a lifetime experience. The museum even lets […]

Best Destinations in Chongqing 2020

Located in Southwestern China, Chongqing is a very popular tourism destination that continues to grow rapidly. Chongqing is home to delicious spicy food, cultural museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Jiefangbei Central Business District is lined with tall skyscrapers,  hotels,  department stores, luxury brand stores and shopping malls. Stepping into Jiefangbei will feel familiar to […]

Awesome Things to Do in Nanjing 2020

Nanjing, the ancient capital of eastern Jiangsu province may not be a top tourist destination in China, it holds significant history even till this day. As it is not a popular destination, restaurants and lodging will be cheaper in comparison. Nanjing is known for the very first Ming tomb, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the Nanjing city […]

Top Things to Do When Visiting Shanghai 2020

The city of Shanghai is China‘s biggest booming city that blends historical and modern elements influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. You can expect to see tall state-of-the-art skyscrapers next to Buddhist temples, old European architecture and modern museums alongside gardens and alleyways. The famous Bund is undeniably at the top of the list […]

Best Things to Do While in Beijing 2020

Located in the northeast of China, Beijing offers a huge variety of sights and activities for every type of traveler. The vast capital is home to over 20 million people and serves as a major culture hub. Anyone visiting Beijing can discover its marvelous history and experience the glorious modern era of the bustling city. […]

Beijing Capital Museum

Home to over 200,000 artifacts, this museum attempts to guide visitors through the ancient history of Beijing and Imperial China. Housed before 2006 at the actual Confucius Temple in Beijing, the collection of the Beijing Capital Museum includes ancient Chinaware, jade statues, paintings, and numerous likenesses of the Buddha. Of the over 200,000 piece collection, […]