Travel China Guide

Beijing’s top attractions

Tiananmen Square FREE

#1 in Beijing

Up there with Times Square, Red Square, and St. Peter’s Square, Tiananmen Square is among the world’s most famous public spaces. Almost anyone can recognize the Gate of Heavenly Peace—emblazoned with a portrait of Chairman Mao—as a symbol of Beijing. One TripAdvisor user comments, “It feels like you already know this place when you arrive. However, as you look around, the vast size of the place starts to impress upon you.” The square is the geographic, political, and tourist center of the city, which makes it unavoidable. Although Tiananmen Square looks like a field of concrete (which it is), you’ll want to see it for the surrounding attractions. The Great Hall of the People, Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum, the National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City sit on the edges. Plus, taking a picture here is almost required to prove you’ve been to Beijing. …
Sightseeing Type
1 to 2 hours Time to Spend

The Great Wall of China

#2 in Beijing

Just north of Beijing, you’ll find one of the most famous monuments in the world—the Great Wall of China. Although it’s unlikely you’ll see the whole thing (after all, it measures about 5,500 miles long), you should aim to experience a portion of it. That begs the question: Which section? …
Hiking Type
Half Day to Full Day Time to Spend


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