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1,000 China’s Scenic Spots Cut the Ticket Price since October, 2018

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Why does China cut the ticket fare of scenic spots?

The high ticket price of some scenic areas attracted widespread public discontent and more and more tourists choose not to visit those places which have a high ticket fare. This is the main reason why the government is pushing a movement to reduce the ticket fare of the attractions.

Compared to world’s famous attractions, how’s the ticket fare of China’s?

Even though a lot of China’s attractions have cut the ticket fare, there is still an obvious gap with some other famous scenic spots in the world. For example, the ticket fare of the Grand Canyon in America is only USD 12 (about CNY 80), and it costs EUR 15 (about CNY 120) of the prestigious Louvre in France. What’s more, the entrance fare of Colosseum in Italy is EUR 12 (about CNY 96) only.

Compared with these world’s famous attractions, the ticket prices of the China’s scenic areas are still on high side. Keeping pushing down the entrance fees of the attractions and cutting some unnecessary fares is very essential for the development of China’s tourism.

How do scenic spots make money after cutting the ticket fare?

After a widespread ticket price cutting, the income of the scenic spots is bound to be affected, especially for some famous attractions, which will have a large influence. However, according to the data in past Golden Week from Oct. 1 to 7, the revenue of some attractions increased instead of decreasing than that in last year.

There were two reasons for this: first, the lower ticket fare attracted more tourists than before. The second reason was that the scenic areas managed to put forward a lot of interesting activities and various cultural products to make money rather than depend on the tickets only.

In some way, the reduction of ticket price will help the scenic spots to attract tourists by improving service quality, enriching tourism products and enhancing the efficiency of the management. That will benefit the whole tourism industry and help China’s tourism to upgrade from the ticket economy to the industrial economy.


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